New Year New Year - TAG Heuer Carrera Series Heuer 01 All Black Matte Chronograph

Presumably the vast majority of table fans have been known, a few days, 2017 annual Geneva International Salon will open its high-end watches and clocks. At the time, countless journalists, love the table and retailers will choose to gather here, after all, this is the first year of the clock industry events, and in this event lasted, many other watch brands ( The traditional participation in the Basel exhibition), will also benefit from this, which will include among a light heavyweight - Tiger Hoa. With the 2017 Geneva swiss replica watches show grand opening, TAG Heuer is also timely to bring a new year's first new style, TAG Heuer Carrera Carrera series Heuer 01 all black matt ceramic chronograph. New Year New Year - TAG Heuer Carrera Series Heuer 01 All Black Matte Chronograph Tag Heuer Carrera Series Heuer 01 watch two years ago in 2015 Basel Watch Fair debut, equipped with a brand to create its own movement it has now become a symbol of TAG Heuer's timing style. Brand for its main design philosophy is to hope in the range of Calella to create a set of modern and outstanding appearance in one of the trendy fashion models, including some classical atmosphere-oriented timepieces, such as Caliber 18 range Chronograph watch, of course, there are some take the sports line style, such as Caliber 16 Senna watch. In order to be able to make Heuer 01 with the other Calella series watches can be easily distinguished when the Tigers TAG Heuer decided to adopt a new overall design, let it carry a new part of the hollow-type self-made movement, And the use of a new modular case, through 12 different combinations of structure, this approach for different colors and materials, and other elements of the combination of applications to create a wide range of possibilities. Some people point out that this design concept with the ship's Big Bang series has a similar point, but do not say anything else, no matter how similar, TAG Heuer taste of this design in the uk replica watches market has been widely praised, and And now has become a very popular brand of one of the models, which is sufficient. New Year New Year - TAG Heuer Carrera Series Heuer 01 All Black Matte Chronograph The new Heuer 01 chronograph still has a bold and unique design, and wearing a black matte jacket it, and now it seems more low-key introverted mystery. This "jacket" of the process is not the use of DLC or PVD process to deal with the realization of its whole case and bracelet are highly resistant to scratch through the ceramic material to create out, whether it is case, bezel , The lugs or the central part of the case (all exposed to the risk of scratches may be part of), are so. The use of this material in addition to the weight of the watch as light as nothing, but also provides unparalleled scratch resistance characteristics, the surface of the micro-sandblasting process for processing, with the use of deep black color, very texture. Technology, in order to ensure the effective implementation of water 100 meters, all the functional components within the watch are made of stainless steel materials (internal protection shell, screw-in case back cover and buttons, etc.), making the gasket part of the full Play its function. New Year New Year - TAG Heuer Carrera Series Heuer 01 All Black Matte Chronograph The design of this dial surface is still used in deep black and dark gray color theme, with the black matte ceramic phase match looks very commensurate. Whether the wearer is from the pointer, hollow chronograph plate ring, the movement of the plywood, the inner circle around the edge of the calendar wheel, or the logo of the brand logo, the use of these colors are very right, will not make people feel To a trace of the breath of the dead, but it also effectively highlights the cool black watch the overall theme. Although it may be in the reading sex has a little bit unsatisfactory, but the appearance of this show will definitely be impressive. Through the sapphire crystal bottom, we see is the Cal.Heuer-01 mechanical movement, derived from the 1887 movement, it is a self-winding, integrated timing function, with a column-wheel and vibration gear module Of the movement. Plywood and table bridge, etc. are used to modify the Geneva stripes, and column-wheel module was painted on the red paint, very eye-catching, in addition, the hollow-style design of replica watches the pendulum is also used with the watch the overall color phase Consistent black. Performance, this movement vibration frequency of 4Hz, and can provide 50 hours of power reserve. New Year New Year - TAG Heuer Carrera Series Heuer 01 All Black Matte Chronograph This new look unique, the use of ceramic materials to create, equipped with a brand self-produced chronograph movement of the 45mm size movement chronograph, once again to show us TAG Heuer in the tabulation of superior strength. Prices, the new TAG Heuer Carrera Carrera Series Heuer 01 all black matte chronograph watch for the price of 5650 euros. Technical Parameters Case: Diameter 45mm - Ceramic material - Anti-reflective sapphire crystal - Water resistant to 100 meters Movement: Cal.Heuer-01 - Automatic winding movement - Vibration frequency 4Hz - 50 hours Power reserve - - hours, minutes, date, time, small seconds Strap: H-type ceramic bracelet - titanium folding buckle, with a black titanium carbide coating