Jacques Del Chrono SW Chrono Blue Chronograph

When it comes to luxury sports watches, Jaquet Droz certainly will not first flash in the minds of watch enthusiasts. However, the La Chaux-de-closure of this watch company since 2008 has been quietly producing a unique series of sports watches. Jaquet Droz SW (from the "sports watch") series has been extended out of the female form, and even tourbillon, often using the brand's iconic 8-word design. Recently, the brand broke this design, producing the first SW chronograph - a rolex replica watches I am very interested in, especially when I see a very attractive blue dial / blue strap version. Jacques Del Chrono SW Chrono Blue Chronograph Jaquet Droz SW Chrono is an unparalleled watch, both luxury and sports. Large and fairly thick steel case (diameter 45 mm, height only 14 mm), industrial grade with bezel, hollow lugs, slotted chronograph button and ribbon-shaped crown protector, are full of masculine Design, while the blue dial decorated with Geneva corrugated patterns, Roman numerals hour markers, and elegant frame double window big date display at 12 o'clock, which is both a suitable cocktail for morning run watch. Jacques Del Chrono SW Chrono Blue Chronograph Jaquet Droz in the case design try to make the SW is different from other watches. But frankly, those curved claw protrusions on the side of the shell, one of which is used to protect the crown from tightening, look cool, but some extra, especially on the side of the non-crown, seems to be just for visual balance. In addition, the crown bridge is too large, like a little finger on the chain a little difficult. The lugs are firmly and securely fastened to the crocodile leather strap by special screws, keeping the weight of the watch anchored to the wrist. Jacques Del Chrono SW Chrono Blue Chronograph Careful observation of the crown and timing button, reveals the depth of attention to detail. Button is a cylindrical, polished head like some classical sports watches, the side of the black rubber ring. The crown is decorated with Jaquet Droz's binary logo relief sculpture. At first, people may mistakenly think that the concave surface of these buttons means that they need to be tightened, and unscrew the run, but it is not a screw-in button. Jacques Del Chrono SW Chrono Blue Chronograph Dial Geneva pattern and a bright blue wave is pleasing to the eye. This year's luxury replica watches uk, the blue has become ubiquitous. Geneva stripe decoration is a senior watch movement commonly used grinding techniques, rather than dial --- reminds me of the old sailing teak deck, may be due to some of the sea color scheme. The SW Chrono is not a yacht watch, because not equipped with yacht race must countdown function. Jacques Del Chrono SW Chrono Blue Chronograph Two small dials - the 3-minute 30-minute counter and the 9-hour 12-hour dish - sank below the dial plane; but the Geneva stripes passed uninterrupted. Every detail is in white serifs with an elegant serif font, which is aligned with a circular hourly slant. Large calendar numbers, in the polished steel frame window, use the same white Arabic numerals; this display at 6 o'clock is balanced by the white Jaquet Droz logo. This is an attractive and harmonious layout. Rhodium-plated rhodium and hollow, filled with Super-LumiNova luminous material (to remind the movement of the table tendency). However, the hour and minute hands are strangely similar in size, which is not ideal for readability: 10: 10, shape and length approximation will result in increased misjudgment. Jacques Del Chrono SW Chrono Blue Chronograph Screw fixed bottom cover, the continuation of the overall movement of breath, chic appearance, and equipped with a sapphire window display watch engine, Jaquet Droz automatic movement 6885-S. Tuo Tuo made of 18k white gold, but also hollow processing, like the car's steering wheel. In its back, you can see the control chronograph operation of the column wheel - advanced timing movement essential, the motherboard is decorated with pearl patterns, plywood to do chamfering treatment, the red Jaquet Droz logo appears very clever. Jacques Del Chrono SW Chrono Blue Chronograph This rolex replica uk must be said to have one of the most complex clasp systems I have ever encountered. This is a steel double-folding button with an additional hinge attachment, anchored to each side of the button, separated on one side and then re-attached. This is an additional level of security, the first time to spend time to spend pondering. Handmade blue crocodile leather strap, does provide an elegant look and comfortable comfort. The Jaquet Droz logo re-engraved on the buckle, with a subtle tooth-like edge that highlights the bezel with grooves. Blue face plate Jacques Del Chrono (Ref.J029530201) also has a black rubber handle dial and anthracite gray dial, two are equipped with a belt, which is a luxury sports watch, priced at $ 17,300, obviously more focused In luxury.