Turtle "and" Samurai "- Seiko Prospex Series SRPB11 Turtle & SRPB09 Samurai Diving Watch

For most of the watch brand, the new limited edition of the release is usually not a big news, but today to say Seiko Prospex series and its recent push new models, especially the "Turtle" and "Samurai" these two When the meter will definitely love the table in the circle of people have some hot topics. They will be in this year's Basel Watch Fair to meet with the world, and the Seiko Prospex series Turtle SRPB11 and Samurai SRPB09 these two watches of the forward-looking information, let us first to see it. "Turtle" and "Samurai" - Seiko Prospex Series SRPB11 Turtle & SRPB09 Samurai Diving Watch Perhaps the snow and ice clever we have guessed, the limited edition refers to the two tables. As the brand launched the 2016 PADI special section of the replica rolex watches, the two timepieces is to the existing models for the prototype to create a new iterative watch, the brand will be named the cool "Turtle (Turtle)" and "Samurai (warrior)". PADI watch is characterized by a symbol of the blue and red two-color mix and match design, but the new table is entirely blue-based colors, its inspiration from the Blue Lagoon (blue coral Iceland Blue Lake? clear…) Seiko Prospex Turtle Blue Lagoon watch (SRPB11) Have to say, Seiko Prospex Turtle watches in 2016 is one of the most talked about the style, especially their home PADI special watch, even more so, almost all watches to the theme of the portal class sites or magazines Will be regarded as one of the major bright spot in 2016, of course, which also includes the love table family. This timepiece is fully equipped with all the elements of an excellent dive fake rolex watches: superior appearance, classic retro style, ingenious Prospex logo, excellent diving performance, reliable self-winding movement inside , And the most important super cost. Originally standard design style has been well received by consumers, but the PADI watch with its blue disk and Pepsi wind bezel design, successfully lead another wave of children diving table selling wave. "Turtle" and "Samurai" - Seiko Prospex Series SRPB11 Turtle & SRPB09 Samurai Diving Watch The limited edition of the new Seiko Prospex Series Turtle Blue Lagoon watch to PADI watches made of the prototype, and this time it uses a mixture of dark blue and light turquoise blue color of the rotating diving bezel. Time scale and hands are white, the dial is still using the sun radiation pattern design, with the changes in ambient light will show a different perception. As for the other side, the watch is still using the 45mm size "turtle" case, equipped with a steel bracelet, which is equipped with internal Cal.4R36 type self-winding movement, with a calendar calendar Indicating function. The table in Europe recommended retail price of 530 euros, it will be in February 2017, officially released on February 28, the current figure is not yet known, there is no doubt that this price is destined to be super popular goods. Technical Parameters Case: 45mm diameter - made of stainless steel, brushed and polished - screw-in case back - mineral glass mirror - water resistant to 200 meters Movement: Cal.4R36 - self-winding movement - vibration frequency 3Hz - 41 hours of dynamic storage - time, calendar and week display Strap: Steel bracelet - Triple folding clasp with safety lock Seiko Prospex Collection Samurai Blue Lagoon replica watches uk (SRPB09) In addition to the above to create a classic-oriented style, Seiko also brought the second only with the series of timepieces - Samurai, and we can be seen as Turtle's modern style. Their design is roughly the same, with the same basic movement polished, with the same water resistance, are in the same price range, the main difference between the two is that, Samurai watch with a angular appearance of the design , Even more modern atmosphere. "Turtle" and "Samurai" - Seiko Prospex Series SRPB11 Turtle & SRPB09 Samurai Diving Watch The Seiko Prospex series Samurai Blue Lagoon watch with Turtle watches very similar to the disk design, also used in the blue sun radiation pattern dial, white time and the pointer and the color of the same color bezel. Stainless steel case completely brushed process, its size is 43.8mm, its internal is equipped with a Cal.4R35 type automatic winding movement, only has a calendar display function. As an entry-level diving tool class timepiece, this model SRPB09 Samurai watch also has an excellent overall quality - large time scale display, and bring a clear luminous display, reliable rotation Bezel, 200 meters of water depth and so on. It's suggested retail price of 480 euros, in 2017 March to meet with you (may be the end of February), limited edition of 6000.